Venture Forthe Adult Day Programs

Venture Forthe's Adult Day Program services are individually designed services, provided in a safe and supervised environment, to improve or maintain the participant's skills and ability to live as independently as possible in the community. 
Services may include assessment, training and supervision of, or assistance to, an individual with issues related to self-care, medication management, task completion, communication skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, socialization, sensory/motor skills, mobility, community transportation skills, reduction/elimination of maladaptive behaviors, money management skills, and skills to maintain a household.

Venture Forthe offers a Social Adult Day Program in Buffalo and the Southern Tier. Individuals who participate in the program will:

  • Participate in life experiences that will enhance independence
  • Increase independent living skills
  • Integrate into the community and develop skills through volunteer work, community events and recreational outings
  • Participate in planning goals/activities based on their wants, dreams, and desires. 

 Buffalo Social Day:

 Southern Tier Social Day

295 Main St. Suite 101

Buffalo, NY 14210

32 West Main Street

Cuba, NY 14727