Seeking and Receiving Help:  Preventing Caregiver Burnout

April 11th 2016

When caregivers begin the journey of looking after their loved ones, they are often hesitant to ask for and/or accept help for various reasons.

Some of these reasons include:

  • Feeling that care-giving is their sole responsibility
  • Being fearful that no one can provide the same level of care as they can
  • Thinking that the care receiver prefers their help over the help from others
  • Guilt as a result of letting someone else provide care for their loved on
Due to these feelings of fear, guilt and personal responsibility, a caregiver may refuse help or fail to seek it out in the first place.  Refusing this help can set a precedent, e.g., once a caregiver starts refusing assistance, those extending the help will eventually stop offering.

Don't let yourself "burn out"

Caregiver burnout is very common, it is also preventable.  Accept offers for help and seek out help as soon as you can.  Although you may feel that no one can provide the same level of compassion and care to your loved one that you do, remember that the objective is to ensure the health and safety of your loved one.
Caregivers, do yourselves a favor:  accept help and look for it when you're feeling the effects of burnout.
I hope you enjoyed this week's Caregivers Corner. 
-Ron Pokorski, Caregiver Consultant 
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