Venture Forthe, Inc. has established a Corporate Compliance Plan tailored to the agency's principle lines of business. We are dedicated to managing and operating our programs in keeping with the highest of business, ethical and moral principles. Each employee agent, member of the Board of Directors, consultant, and volunteer contributes to achieving these principles by conducting business activities for the agency with integrity and high ethical standards. Supervisors and managers also contribute to achieving these principles by exercising good leadership and being a good example in creating and promoting a workplace environment in which compliance and ethical business conduct are expected.


Venture Forthe, Inc. has adopted the following definition of Corporate Compliance:


 "A Corporate Compliance Plan is a system which is designed to detect and prevent violations of law, as well as

the likelihood of unethical activity by agency employees, volunteers, contractors, officers and directors."


Venture Forthe, Inc. will transact its business in compliance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which it does business, including local, state and federal jurisdictions. As a for-profit agency, Venture Forthe, Inc. will conduct business in compliance with all IRS regulations governing taxable. Instances where questions arise concerning interpretation or applications of laws and regulations should be referred to the Administrator or Corporate Compliance Officer. Applicable laws include, but are not limited to, anti-kickback statutes, labor laws, tax code and regulations, antitrust laws, copyright laws, false claims laws, rights of individuals receiving services and environmental laws.


As used in this Corporate Compliance Plan, the following definitions apply:

1. Venture Forthe, Inc. representatives: employees, agents, board members, committee members, volunteers, contractors, and others working for or on behalf of Venture Forthe, Inc.

2. Agency: Venture Forthe, Inc.

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