Services Offered by Venture Forthe in Cayuga County


Service Coordination

Assistance with the development and implementation of a person-centered individualized Service Plan that will lead to the waiver participant's greater independence and integration into the community.

Daily Living Services

Independent Living Skills Training Services (ILST)

Training to improve or maintain the waiver participant's ability to live as independently as possible by focusing on essential community living skills such as task completion, money management, interpersonal skills, sensory/motor skills, problem solving skills and the ability to maintain a household.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)/Intensive Behavioral Program (IBP)

Service provided to waiver participants who have significant behavioral difficulties that may jeopardize their ability to remain in the community of choice due to inappropriate responses to events in their environment.

Home and Community Support Services (HCSS)

These services are the combination of personal care services for activities of daily living (ADL) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) with the need for oversight/supervision, or oversight/supervision as a discrete service .

Re-Location Services

Community Transitional Services (CTS)

Assistance in transition from a nursing home back to the community, including the cost of moving, essential furnishings, deposits for utilities, security deposits or one time cleaning services prior to occupancy.

Adapting to the Community

Community Integration Counseling (CIC)

Counseling service provided to waiver participants who are coping with altered abilities and skills, revisions in long term expectations, and/or changes in their roles in relation to significant others.

Peer Mentoring

An individually designed service intended to improve the waiver participant's self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and to access needed services, goods and opportunities in the community. This will be accomplished through education, teaching, instruction, information sharing, and self-advocacy training, provided by a "peer" with similar disabilities.

Support Services

Waiver Transportation

Supplements transportation provided by the Medicaid State Plan. It includes transportation for non-medical activities which support the participant's integration into the community.

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