Venture Forthe's Dementia Home Care Services

Venture Forthe is the only home care agency in Western NY that trains all staff on how to care for individuals with Dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Dementia Care Services and Support:

We recognize that caring for someone with Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease can be extremely difficult and time consuming. Many individuals require 24 hour supervision and this is not always feasible when trying to manage your own life.Venture Forthe is here to help. Venture Forthe's Dementia Care Program offers a personalized approach to traditional home care services. Memory Care Counselors work one on one with the client, the caregiver and the family to address the unique needs of that individual. 

We provide home care when you cannot be there, allowing your loved one to remain at home in a safe and supportive environment. 

Caring for individuals with Dementia requires a deep understanding of the disease and how it affects both the individual and the family. Our Founder/CEO, John Dziewit and Director of Clinical Services, Chris Roche, are both Certified Dementia Practitioners and Trainers, they provide annual training to all of our Personal Care Aides and Clinical Staff that covers specific information and tips on how to communicate, manage behaviors, and improve the overall quality of care for these individuals. 


Who is Affected by Dementia:

Dementia most often occurs as a result of Alzheimer 's disease although there may be other causes.   It is not a disease itself but a word which describes a loss in cognitive functioning.  Dementia does not discriminate as it affects both males and females, regardless of race or culture.  It may be progressive in nature although it should not be confused with the normal aging process. 


Identifying Dementia:

Dementia occurs as cognitive functioning becomes worse and a person's ability to function becomes compromised.  Symptoms can take several forms including memory loss, compromised judgment, visual deficits, communication difficulties and depression.  It is important to contact a medical provider soon after these symptoms become apparent to your or a loved one.   


Caring for Individuals with Dementia:

Understand that the person with dementia is still a person and that particularly early on, may be very scared and depressed.  It is important to use a person-centered, team approach for these individuals and to understand that as family and staff; we provide support based on where the person is at, not where we are at.  The best caregiver is one who can provide needed care to a loved one  without neglecting one's own needs.


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