Canandaigua, NY Dementia Care Program

Canadaigua, NY Memory Care ProgramDementia can be very difficult for both people suffering from it and family members alike. A person with dementia is often unable to provide self support and will usually require close to 24 hour a day attention. This puts many families in the unenviable position of having to relinquish care of a loved one to a private care facility.

This isn't the only option, though. If you or a loved one is suffering from dementia and you don't want to break up the family, a home memory care program can provide exactly the support you need. For people living in the Canandaigua, NY area, home memory care services from Venture Forthe allow families to stay together while providing the absolute best in dementia care.

Care Services

Every person suffering from dementia faces different trials. Some need minimal support while others need support with just about every single daily activity. The memory care services of Venture Forthe are customized to the person suffering from dementia. You or your loved one will receive assistance with all of the following activities as needed:

  • Bathing and grooming
  • Dressing
  • Local transportation
  • Meal preparation and eating
  • Housekeeping and laundry

This assistance allows the person with dementia to maintain as much autonomy as possible while ensuring they receive essential care.

Family Services

As part of our memory care program, we help families of those suffering from dementia in a number of ways. On a pure utility level, we advise you on how best to make your home safe for your loved one and teach everyone in the family techniques for supporting the person with dementia.

Our dementia care service also covers the emotional toll of having a family member with dementia. We help family members better cope with a difficult situation.

Memory Care Services

While no memory care program can fully restore a person with dementia to their old self, certain techniques can help improve memory. We teach usage of these techniques to both the person suffering from dementia and to family members to make life more comfortable for everyone.

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If you or a loved one needs a dementia care program in Canandaigua, NY, contact us today to get started. Our team will help make your family's life easier, and keep your loved one at home longer. 


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