Cheektowaga, NY Dementia Care Program

Cheektowaga, NY Memory Care ServicesCaring for someone with Dementia and memory loss can be extremely difficult. Patients with these conditions typically need care and supervision around-the-clock, creating an emotionally and physically taxing environment for the caretaker.

At Venture Forthe, a top dementia care facility in Western New York, we don't recommend that family members and loved ones try to care for an elderly patient needing memory care services without the help of a trained staff. Here's how Venture Forthe can help make the process of caring for a relative with dementia easier and safer.

About Our Memory Care Program

At Venture Forthe, our staff has extensive training in providing memory care services to patients with Alzheimer's and other conditions that cause dementia. Here's how our memory care programs operate to make it easier for dementia patients and their families to function normally:

  • Our Dementia Care Program is directed at patients with dementia as a result of Alzheimer's and other similar conditions. We focus on one-on-one interaction and constant attention in order to keep the patient focused. This has been found to be one of the most effective approaches to helping those living with memory impairment and their families.
  • Venture Forthe has a staff of Certified Dementia Practitioners, who serve as Memory Counselors, training in-home caregivers and family members in the best methods to interact and care for patients struggling with dementia and memory loss.

Specialized Dementia Care in Cheektowaga

It can be dangerous for a person living with memory impairment and dementia to be on their own, which is why we take our role in their care seriously. We don't just assign them a caregiver, we meet with them, assess their specific needs and match them up with a personalized combination of a Memory Counselor and in-home caregiver that will help them get the most of their therapy.

Venture Forthe wants you to know that dementia and memory impairment doesn't have to be debilitating. Our mission is to ensure that patients struggling with these conditions have access to the best dementia care and memory care programs in WNY, in order to live a life of the highest possible quality.


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