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In a time of a diagnosis or an accident or when the care of a loved one that exceeds a caregivers availability people need a clear understanding of the help that exists.  This is why Venture Forthe offers Outreach Specialists as a no fee service.  

Community Resources

As a Licensed Home Care Agency with some of the most Clinical Staff available in the Region, Venture Forthe has experience with the resources that exist.  An Outreach Specialist can provide assistance when no one else can.  An Outreach Specialist will be able to meet individuals and their families in the home, the hospital or Nursing Home to direct them to the resources they need to continue to live safe and healthy lives.   

An Outreach Specialist will help you wade through the Community Resources and direct you to the moest effective answer in researching assistance. 

Medicaid for the Medically Eligible

Medicaid is often perceived as a Health Insurance for individuals who are classified as "low income."  However, if you have Medical needs that make living independently or safely in your own home difficult, an Outreach Specialist can tell you if you might be eligible for additional help through Medicaid.  An Outreach Specialist may also be able to assist you in applying for Medicaid or directing you to a Care Planner who can assist you with more complicated financial assets such as Mutual Funds or Special Need Trusts based on your specific situation.  

 Advocacy, Resources and More

Outreach Specialists from Venture Forthe are available to act as a liaisons and connect you to local Community Resources. In doing so, the individuals that Venture Forthe assists have access to the best knowledge and help available.  You will be connected with someone who will see you through the process that you are going through and will assure that are directed to the help you need.  


To get connected to a Venture Forthe Outreach Specialist in your area today call 1-800-701-1233 or request information below.   



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